Art and Sand Handmade Heartfelt Gift


Art and Sand Handmade Heartfelt Gift

I received a handmade heartfelt gift in the mail from Carol who blogs on Art and Sand.  One of the gifts of blogging is friendship.  We bloggers make friends with our readers and sometimes more often than not there is a real connection.

I feel that with Carol. I get the biggest lift in the morning when I visit her blog about her beach cottage decorated in primary colors to the delight of her thousands of readers.  Carol also is extremely gifted with the ability to craft just about anything she wants or needs.  She excitedly just redid a room in her home that is now solely dedicated to all her crafting needs.

I keep telling Carol she could be the Editor in Chief of her own Beach Cottage and Craft Magazine.  You can find her at Art and Sand – Life in a little cottage by the sea.

Art and Sand Handmade Heartfelt Gift

I live vicariously on the beach through Carol and her daily blog posts. Little does she know I am digging my toes in the sand everyday when I arrive.

Shhhh…don’t tell her.

Carol also does tablescapes and paints her treasure find furniture.  Her husband is an amazing artist and we often see his paintings on the walls of her cottage. 

Crocheted Gift Bag

Thank you Carol for this sweet handmade bag.


Here’s a close up of the heart and charm attached so delicately.

Glass Heart

Three glass hearts inside to keep forever.  I have a trip to a store like Home Goods in mind for a colored bowl to nestle the glass hearts in.

I didn’t expect to make such wonderful friends blogging.

Be sure to give Carol on Art and Sand a visit.  She is on a roll cleaning and organizing this month.  I know you’ll fall in love with her blog, just like I did.

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Thanks so much and see you tomorrow.


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