Behind The Scenes With Shemar Moore


Bounce Back Bloggers had fun behind the scenes with Shemar Moore while attending a press junket in LA for The Bounce Back movie project I’ve posted about since starting the campaign.  The anticipation of meeting a celebrity like Shemar Moore created a buzz behind the scenes with the Bounce Back Bloggers.

The press junket was important to launch Shemar Moore’s first ever Twitter Party.  The bloggers who were lucky enough to attend got a few perks along the way.

So spill the beans, what did they get?  The lucky LA ladies participated in a group interview, and had one on one interviews and photo shoots of their own with Shemar Moore, and more.

Behind The Scenes With Shemar Moore Behind the scenes with Shemar Moore and Erica I. Pena-Vest.  The Live Chat Twitter Party begins.  Shemar’s middle name is Franklin if you’re wondering about the SFM hat.  

Shemar Moore and Erica Pinner discuss the tweetsShemar and Erica read tweets and answer twitter party questions.

Twitter ChatA little help from the team.

Shemar Moore Twitter Party

Shemar Moore Twitter Party trended world wide 3We got excited behind the scenes trending world-wide for our second time in a row.

Margaret Salmond and Shemar MooreMargaret Salmond and her personal shot with Shemar.  Margaret let us know during the twitter party that Shemar Moore’s crew were in awe at what we accomplished.

Jasmine Risso and Shemar MooreBut, before the Twitter Party, there was the one on one chats.  Jasmine Risso was “cough” kind enough to tell us they all got kisses at the end of the day.

Chatting with Shemar MooreLee Reyes-Fournier interviews Shemar.

Bounce Back Bloggers learn more about the projectEveryone had a chance to learn more about the project.

Director Youssef Delara and Margaret  Including sitting down with Director of the movie, Youssef Delara.

Lee Reyes-Fournier and Shemar Moore

Ricca Francis

Bounce Back Bloggers group photo w/Shemar MooreGroup shot (not in any order) Jasmine Risso, Margaret Salmond, Jen Andrade, Daisy Reyes Teh, Jamie Gall, Erica I. Pena-Vest, Ricca Francis, Valerie Mitchell, Andie Lague.

Bounce Back Bloggers party with Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore Press

Me?  I was scheduled last-minute for a one on one chat Skype style along with 4 others.  I happen to have a few excited fans at the house, well, my daughter and her friend, who could not believe what MOM was doing; scratching their heads and blinking and actually listening.

They thought.. I was a different person.

They thought..I was bringing Hollywood into the house.

A little bling-bling buzz in the house was hysterically funny.

Unfortunately, the schedule got so tight Shemar was unable to make the virtual chat.  Since we were already chatting and the twitter party started, we stayed on and had a good time getting to know each other better talking about the crazy tweets from Shemar Moore fans.  It was a long and busy day and I am ready to do it again.

p.s. I had my one question allowed to ask Shemar if I did get that chat.

What question would you ask?

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