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I kind of like being nominated for blog awards.  It means somebody out there likes me enough to include me in the lineup.  Either that or they ran out of friends and pulled me from a hat.  They took time out from their regularly scheduled program to do a post about their favorite bloggers.  That’s pretty Sweet.

A fabulous blogger, Cheryl, of A Pleasant HOUSE,who wears a red hat that I want to steal, nominated me for the funky Squirrely Blogger Award.  I tend to scamper about sometimes, so this is a good fit.  Cheryl’s writing  takes you on an adventure.  As I start to read her blog posts, I think she is leading me down a certain path and suddenly I am transported somewhere else. Adventure is out there and it’s a fun roller coaster ride with Cheryl.  Plus, she is highly intelligent, funny, snarky, good looking, rich, a good cook, and I like her.

Blog Award -This One Is Squirrely

The Squirrely Rules:

1. Thank you nominator and talk about them and their fabulous blog.

2. List a few things about yourself that people may not know.

3. Nominate a few other bloggy blogs.

4. Have fun! 

Simple Squirrel Tricks.  I can crack this nut.

My Sponsor: Cheryl of A Pleasant HOUSE -now you know a little about her so head over, knock on her door, have some coffee and take the wild ride!

A few things about me you don’t really need to know are: 

In real life if you are my friend, I kid around a LOT! 

My DNA line is regal.  Still waiting for my crown from Scotland!

I am a phone girl and love to talk on the phone.  I miss my land line which is a corded phone for you young’uns.  

The Squirrels I nominate to Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, and Read for your greater enjoyment are: 

Merissa @LittleHouseLiving because she has her blog act together.  This country girl writes her blog, writes for other companies, shares recipes and DIY projects, and does some SEO business on the side.  But, she also is living a different life than most.  Merissa and her husband are RV Living to save money for a house rather than go into debt.  Follow her adventurous Fulltime RV Living Journey filled with doubts and fears, but mostly courage and smarts. 

Carol @ArtandSand because she lives in a beach cottage filled with magnificent color.  Carol has a knack for decorating her beach house and shares her projects.  She repaints her furniture and nicknacks in bright primary colors to match the seasons or on a whim.  For whatever the reason, Carols beach decorating projects beckon you back for more.  Follow her laid back, brezzy blog for beach cottage inspiration unlike any other.

Sarah @House Crazy because she blogs her passion about historic houses, old house renovations, restorations, crime scene houses, and…yeah, houses.  She is almost my twin except prettier.  Sarah has her hands full with emails from seekers asking questions about old houses.  Follow her house craziness, but don’t forget me.

Linda @TalesfromCarmel because she is the best photographer in blogville, period.  I need a camera like Linda’s…yesterday.  Linda’s photographs the homes, gardens, and town in Carmel by the Sea, California.  Her narration from start to finish is so eloquently worded you feel like you take each step right next to her as she takes you on a tour.  She does extensive research about the historic Carmel homes she features.  Her blog about Carmel could be a best-seller book.  Follow Linda at Once upon a time…Tales from Carmel by the Sea for her excellence in cottage home tour, garden tours, and tours of the town of Carmel.  I fell in love with Carmel by the Sea and then I found her blog and my fate was sealed.

Jenny @JennyLynnDesignz because she goes to school fulltime, works the evening shift, has a bunch of kids, and still finds time to blog and be social.  She’s one busy organized blogger.  Jenny is one of the nicest bloggers in blogville you could hope to meet.  She blogs about family and her DIY projects.  Jenny has the ability to make each person feel special.

This is a small sampling of some of my favorite blogs.  I enjoy promoting others more than anything.  This was fun and is like my own personal little blog hop.

If you want to be my neighbor, send me an email with the subject line “Neighbors” and you blog link so I can add you to the line up under Meet The Neighbors!

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