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Charming Home For Sale In Atlanta

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I found a charming home for sale in Atlanta, Georgia that was renovated in 2004, has landscaping to soothe your soul, a deck area to entertain, and still has some of its charm like the curved front door.  This charming house in Atlanta is rather pricey for its size at $839,000 so the neighborhood must be a grand place to live.  It has 5 bedrooms ” 4 true bedrooms with a 5th bedroom/den with a full bath and closet.”  The back deck area overlooks a beautifully landscaped yard that has lots of “dogwoods and azaleas.”  – per the listing.  The listing agents says this house is a “real treat.”  Lets look at some of the best features of this charming Atlanta house.

Charming Home For Sale In AtlantaIt’s a charming home for the sloped roof line, brick exterior, rounded front door entrance, and rounded windows especially the little window up above.  The pitch of the roof reminds me of some of the houses on my Pinterest House Styles board.  If you’re on Pinterest give this board a look.  It is full of wonderful houses and takes a while to get through.

Charming rounded entrance door nestled in its own area.

House with mudroom

An organized mud-room area that is very much appreciated by families today.  Hardwood floors and french doors.

Living room house for saleA bright living room with great windows and great fireplace stone work.

charming chairs and pillows

A blog I like called Whats Ur Home Story by Vidya did a tutorial about how she made killer pillows somewhat, kinda, like these pillows, only different and better.  Check the DIY tutorial out here.

Dining room is lovely

Love, love these shutters that remind me of Atlanta, Georgia.

charming house dining room

I appreciate that the Realtor took this close up of the chairs.

Hallway view

The photo of the kitchen is not very detailed other than I can see there are stainless steel appliances and three great windows above the sink which is one of the best places for a window in a kitchen.

Bedroom in house for sale

Charming babies room

Charming babies room with dual hanging lamps and a giraffe hiding next to the crib.

Black and white bathroom

Fantabulous black and white bathroom.

Black and white bathroom Two separate sinks.

Nice views off the deck.

Zen-like landscaped steps

Zen-like steps through the landscaping.


Nicely landscaped backyard.

This charming home in Atlanta, Georgia is located at 461 Pine Tree Drive and the listing and all photo credits go to ATLhomesearch.com A Nest Atlanta Real Estate Group and the entire listing can be seen here.

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  2. What an impeccable Tudor style house! Looks like it has been thoroughly gutted, but they did a real nice job.

  3. Welcome Back from you hiatus Sharon. I love California houses, but not for their price range. I wonder if the prices will ever come down? xo

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