My Favorite Houses Decked Out For Christmas

Christmas Holiday Houses

My favorite houses decked out for Christmas with special effects.  They are either my favorite houses or some of the most viewed ongoing popular posts.

I picked the following houses decked out for Christmas: Aspen European style house, charming California Bungalow. Bee Cottage, Historic Victorian house show, Christina Aguilera’s Beverly Hills house, The Money Pit, UP movie house, Letters to Juliet, and Joan River’s Penthouse. Aspen house with snow falling effectAspen European Style

California BungalowCharming California Bungalow 

 Bee Cottage by Frances SchultzBee Cottage

 Victorian house decked for Christmas photoHistoric Victorian House Show

Christina Aguliera's HouseChristina Aguilera’s Beverly Hills house

The Money Pit Movie House“The Money Pit” Movie House Tom Hanks and Shelly Long

"Up" house by Bangerter Homes“Up” Movie House

movie scene Letters To JulietLetters To Juliet

Favorite houses for Christmas postJoan Rivers Penthouse Is 29.5 Million

 Hope you enjoyed the houses decked out for Christmas and/or with special effects.

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