Cutting Down a Tree

My Yard

My husband started cutting down a tree in the yard branch by branch.  This looked hilarious to me so I took some photos.  We have a lot of evergreens in the yard, but this one has not been doing well, especially after last year’s extreme heat and drought.  Rather than pay someone to cut the tree down and haul it away, my husband decided cutting down a tree was his do-it-yourself project.  Once a month the city picks up branches if they are bundled correctly.  It seemed a perfect way to get rid of a lot of debris before we actually cut down the trunk.

Cutting Down a Tree

Cutting a tree down

Tree trimmingA neighbor wandered over.  Men just want to be near a heep big project like cutting down a tree to grunt, nod approval, and give advice don’t they.  It’s a must do man thing, especially in the spring when sounds of riding mowers, saws, and hammering filter through newly opened windows.  Those sounds are like fresh-baked apple pie to men who sniff out what tools are being used by their sound and are helplessly drawn to them. 

Tree brush bundles for pick up

We bundled our tree branches to the correct height and width.  But the city workers stuck a notice on our door and refused the pick up.  Really?!  They also refused a bundle down the lane because it contained a measly 2 inches of roots.

Are the city workers lazy or is the city brush pick up rules and regulations out of touch.  Turns out, the city only picks up one bundle per household.  Okay, we were a little over our quota.  We did not want the bundles sitting along the street annoyingly growing grass around them.  So what to do?  It just so happened that on the same day the city refused to pick up our tree branches, a neighbor had hired a tree trimming company to do a large job and they agreed to pick up our tree brush as a side job.

cutting down a treeUntil we cut the trunk down, here’s our hilarious-looking tree.

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Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven – Rabindranth Tagore.

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