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Entertainment New Media Network is a large group of bloggers connecting Hollywood with social media promoting film, music, television, dvds, independent projects like our launching project The Bounce Back Movie Campaign, and we also promote products now too.

We have our first conference February 13-17 2014 in Anahein, California.  The Hyatt Regency is our host.  I am excited to have my conference tickets and just have to book my room and flight.  This one-of-a-kind event has an early registration price of $199 that is almost sold out with being extended for this week ONLY.  You’re invited to become a member of Entertainment New Media Network and attend the conference.

There will be Studio Visits, Red Carpet Awards Gala, a REAL Celebrity Junket (i.e. with real celebrities) teaching day, Product Expo, training sessions, and more.

To learn more about us visit Entertainment New Media Network and check out the Conference more info link.  We are up and running on Twitter ENMNetwork (@ENMNetwork) and Facebook Entertainment New Media Network to follow along.

Entertainment New Media Network ConferenceTo sum it up, I’m inviting you to join the network and come to the conference. There is also the opportunity to become a sponsor and to apply to speak.  I am heading over to the Hyatt Regency to book my room and hope to see you there! 

We are thinking Big and growing Fast.  This time next year you may see us on TV or hear of us on television shows like for example America’s Got Talent.  Who knows, you may see Entertainment New Media Network in the lineup on movie credits; the sky is the limit my bloggy friends.  As a blogger, the conference is a must attend fun event.

For examples of just some of the recent promotions the ENMNetwork did, check out Newlywed and Broke a new comedy sitcom and our flagship Bounce Back Movie Project that exceeded its goal.

Please tweet and share to help spread the word about this blogger opportunity.

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