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Our Garden Design with Hosta and Ground Cover

Garden Design with Hosta and Ground Cover Here are some of the Hosta and ground cover shade plants in my yard that are doing well. We’ve had a lot of rain lately making everything lush and green. Hosta are a popular shade plant and we planted a variety of them …
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How To Cut Down a Tree – Thinking Out Of The Box

How to cut down a tree thinking outside of the box.  My last post cutting down a tree left us at the point of the evergreen tree still standing as its hilarious looking self.  Hubby got it in his head to take the tree down in a different way.  He …
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Cutting Down a Tree

My husband started cutting down a tree in the yard branch by branch.  This looked hilarious to me so I took some photos.  We have a lot of evergreens in the yard, but this one has not been doing well, especially after last year’s extreme heat and drought.  Rather than …