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Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and How-To Guide Part 2

Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Part 2 – the mantle. This is my introduction to Sandra’s Christmas theme that continues with the fireplace mantel. There’s not as much in the way of how-to about the mantle compared to the Christmas tree decorating, but she shares some easy to do tricks she …

Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and How-To Guide

GLOWING CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING My sister’s glowing Christmas tree and mantle decorating are meant to be seen by the world and I am happy she agreed to a Christmas home tour where she is sharing how she accomplishes some of her amazing Christmas decorating.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops for Inspiration

Concrete kitchen countertops like in the Mediterranean style kitchen below are steadily becoming more popular.  Durable concrete kitchen countertops are versatile with options like stains, pigments, aggregates, and coatings.  They can be ordered in pre-casted sections which is the most common method, or poured on site. Indestructible concrete kitchen countertops …

Custom Home Builder, Schumacher Homes

Custom Home Builder, Schumacher Homes Discover custom homes at Schumacher Homes; howz about a new custom home for a change. Often, I feature other people’s homes, but  I found a new home builder site to interact with called  Schumacher Homes where you can make a scrapbook of your favorite home exteriors …