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Do you want to be on the Brainiacs From Mars list?  You might when you hear what being on that list may get you.  Brainiacs From Mars marketing company will paint your house a broccoli green and sunrise orange and place ads for their company along with some social media ads and then… make your mortgage payment for up to a year.  To their dismay, they have been besieged with requests from drowning mortgage holders to do just that.

Brainiacs From Mars free mortgage programBrainiacs From Mars

The application is called Billboard Home Application and they state “If you’re prepared to splash ads on your home just submit the application form below.”  If your home has the “it” factor then a member of Brainiacs will contact you.  Your city zoning laws for advertising may interfere with your dream for this pay-your-mortgage-for-a-year-plan, but you can still qualify with just having your house painted the neon broccoli green and sunrise orange without the ads on your house too.  

Facebook For Free Mortgage:

Brainiacs From Mars Facebook has people posting pictures of their house and stating they just applied and commenting why their house should be picked for the program with comments like:

Please pick my house!

Pick my house.  

Lots of traffic on my street.  Perfect for ads.  

House wants Brainiacs From Mars advertising on itBrainiacs From Mars Facebook

The homeowner of this house says “Please don’t forget to pick my house!!! I live right across from a school and we get a lot of traffic. And the street is a very bsy short cut to many main streets.”  

Another Facebook comment says:  “Will definitely liven up the neighborhood!!!!”  

What About Your Neighbors?

Neighbors of lucky program winners might not be so happy to see a neon-painted house in their neighborhood, but it does keep the house from being foreclosed upon and that keeps the neighborhood value from falling due to foreclosure signs up and down the block.  What about after the year-long advertising your house has done?  Brainiacs comes and repaints your house back like it was originally, so a new paint job  is included in the deal.  Of note, you can just have the advertising and painted green and orange on your house for a month or two months and so on for up to a year.  

You Can Help:

Significantly, if you want to help a family keep their home and not be foreclosed upon, a fundraising site called Indegogo is set up to take contributions of varying amounts like $34 will help keep a family in their home for a day, $238 will keep them in their home for a week, and $1061 will keep a family in their home for a month.  Indiegogo also has an application form for consideration of the mortgage advertising program on their site as well.  

So, I am not in danger of foreclosure and I haven’t lost my job and neither has my husband, but my pay has gone down significantly and I’m not making any money blogging, so I just might apply to Brainiacs and see if they want to pay my mortgage for a year, now that would be something!  And my neighbors, what would they say?  I’ll let you know if I actually apply and if they qualify me.  

Howz about you?  Would you apply for this out-of-this-world advertising campaign?  

Brainiacs From Mars  

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