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Cute Little Houses for Rent

Two Cute Little Houses for Rent There are many ways to stay somewhere on vacation other than in a hotel. Here are two cute little houses for rent while on vacation. 

Montauk Beach House and a Cake

Montauk Beach House and a Banana Cake To Go I found a spectacular Montauk beach house that completely fooled me. As soon as I saw it I thought it was the Butler’s house on Showtime’s The Affair I just did the other day. If you missed that affair it is …

Beach Cottages For Sale With Ocean Views

Four Charming Beach Cottages 4 Charming beach cottages for sale is my round-up on House Talk today.  Part of the American dream is to have a vacation home.  These 4 charming beach cottages come with ocean side views.  They can be a vacation destination or your home year round.

Cozy Corner Beach Cottage In Laguna, California For Sale

Relax and unwind with me while we visit a place of tranquility that is a beach cottage.  This understated beach cottage in Laguna Beach, California is small, but Wonderful.  Drink in the view and dream the dream.  Alright slap me out of it!  Dang, I am blinking and trying to …

Luxury Laguna Beach Dream House

A marvelous oceanfront Laguna Beach dream house is for sale in Laguna Beach, California.  It’s new, hip, modern, got mad views of the ocean, and its worth millions and millions of dollars.  That’s a nice package all drawn up with a bow that I am serving up here today, so …