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Little Yellow Houses

Today, I am showing little yellow houses, much to my own delight. This little yellow house is my sister-in-law’s house.  She and her husband have been busy getting their home ready to sell.  Their house used to be grey and I am amazed at the transformation.  Her husband Dan made …

New Cottage Home Magazine On The Block

I spied a new cottage home magazine on the rack called American Dream Cottages that I had to pick up. I haven’t gotten through all of it yet because it is so packed with inspiration about cottage decorating and cottage style. Anything cottage draws my attention and I need to …

Coastal Beach Cottages

Beautiful coastal beach cottages that are lovely, dreamy, sophisticated, and casual.  Feast your eyes upon all 10 of them.  I love, love Coastal Living and they had 10 beach cottages on their site that I could not resist. One cottage was just as wonderful as the next.  I could not …