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9 Storybook Cottage Homes for Enchanted Living

Storybook Cottage Homes Here are 9 Storybook Cottage Homes for your enchantment today. First of all, cottages are so popular. Then to be a storybook cottage, well that takes cottage into fairytale living. Today I picked out some of the sweetest storybook cottage homes I could find for you from …
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A Picturesque Vintage Cottage Rental in Florida

Neptune Rising – A Picturesque Cottage Rental in Florida Cottage If you have fun in the sun on a beach in Florida on your mind. Plus want to rent a cozy vintage cottage instead of starying in a crowded condo, then you’ll like Neptune Rising. It’s a fully restored 1930s cottage. Sleeps …
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10 Cottage Homes With Curb Appeal

10 COTTAGE HOMES WITH CURB APPEAL 10 Cottage Homes with curb appeal. All 10 of these cottage homes were featured here so this is a nice roundup of some of the most charming cottage homes with curb appeal.