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Tiny Floating Home is a Whimsical House Boat

Tiny floating home is a whimsical house boat in Seattle so happy and bright it leaves you smiling and wanting more.  It’s resting in the waters of Eastlake, Seattle, WA and hard to resist.  I am excited to show you this delightful tiny home referred to me by Sarah on House …
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Floating Homes in Amsterdam

Floating homes in Amsterdam where residents live in houses built on top of boats.  As a kid I was fascinated about houseboats in canals in Amsterdam; guess I still am. There is no place left on the ground to live.  I wonder if they coined the phrase “whatever floats your …
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Lotus Flower Houseboat Of The Future

I like houseboats and this concept home of the future that when open looks like a Lotus Flower takes floating homes to a new level.  The flower pedals when closed make the vessel look like an egg.  It is actually a yacht or floating home designed by Hyun-Seok Kim who designs yachts. …
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Luxury Living Cape Cod HouseBoat

Luxury Living Cape Cod HouseBoat Luxury living on the water in a cape cod houseboat with private views on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.  It’s a floating home with all the amenities of luxury living like french doors, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, maple hardwood floors and beautiful views. 
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For Sale: Houseboats in Seattle

Houseboats; Whatever floats your boat and Sleepless In Seattle.  These come to my mind when I think of Houseboats.  I am featuring two houseboats in Seattle.  First up though is the famous Sleepless In Seattle houseboat; we all are familiar with this one.  It was for sale back in 2008 …