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New Food Storage Containers for Organization

Food Storage Containers  We are well into January and I am itching to do something about my Food Storage containers. They are like socks in the dryer with mysterious parts that disappear. Tell me this happens to you too, I can’t be the only one. 
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Valentines Day Gift for Mr. Duck

Valentines Day Gift for Mr. Duck Mr. Duck has been with me forever.  When we installed new kitchen cabinets years ago he went right back to his station in life, holding kitchen towels. It’s a handy location just above the sink.  More often than not the towel is damp and …
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Chef Themed Kitchen Decor

Chef themed kitchen decor in the home is popular with professional chefs trained to cook with high-grade range tops, ovens and tools.  The same is true for hobby chefs whose passion is cooking. Themed kitchens are not new of course.  Country themed kitchens, beach kitchens, and 1950’s retro kitchens are …
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Small Kitchen Design

Small kitchen designs that most people have are small to medium compared to many of the living large kitchens paraded on TV and heralded on the internet.  A small kitchen design feels homey and can be just as functional as any big-boy sized kitchen.  People are busy and less space …
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Stainless Steel Appliances – The Best Choice

Stainless Steel appliances look extremely good in a kitchen whether paired with wood or white kitchen cabinets.  While the same holds true for colored appliances, it is much easier to coordinate your kitchen with stainless steel that goes with any decor. I would argue that stainless steel appliances in the …