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Stainless Steel Appliances – The Best Choice

Stainless Steel appliances look extremely good in a kitchen whether paired with wood or white kitchen cabinets.  While the same holds true for colored appliances, it is much easier to coordinate your kitchen with stainless steel that goes with any decor. I would argue that stainless steel appliances in the …
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50s Retro Kitchens

Blast From The Past Retro Kitchens Retro kitchens are hot tamales these days. Big to little appliances are all dressed up to be retro. These appliances are available to buy to turn your kitchen retro just like Rachel Ray who has the blue BigChill refrigerator shown below that I like …
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Colored Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

Large appliances like the washer and dryer and small appliances like the stand mixer are infused with color more than ever before.  Colored appliances have been around for a long time, but not like they are today on small and large appliances.  Take the washer and dryer for instance.  When …