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Coffee Themed Kitchen

This is my friend Connie’s coffee themed kitchen.  It has an unusual coffee cup kitchen table and four chairs, and some cafe decor on the walls and a coffee themed clock. I really like coffee.  I like to measure it out whether already ground or whole bean.  The aroma of coffee is comforting. …
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Fun Retro Kitchens

Fun Retro Kitchens This whimsical, cottage-like, fun retro kitchen.  The cabinets are custom made and the countertops are concrete.  “The refrigerator is an 18.2 cubic foot retro Northstar refrig in Robin’s Egg Blue.  It is retro 50s on the outside and 21st century features and efficiency on the inside.”  The …
Kitchen Talk Retro Kitchens

Pink Retro Kitchens

For Valentine’s Day, here are pink retro kitchens old and new.  Trends have a way of coming back and retro kitchens are big business now.  Think of the Big Chill refrigerator company and their retro-look refrigerators or Elmira Stove Works that offer antique appliances and a stunning line of retro …
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Kitchen Pantry Ideas

I’m looking into some kitchen pantry ideas for my kitchen to make more room for pots and pans, storage containers, food, and big boy items like a 12 to 24 roll of paper towels and some of the midsize appliances like the crock pot.  Then, with moving these items to …
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Concrete Kitchen Countertops for Inspiration

Concrete kitchen countertops like in the Mediterranean style kitchen below are steadily becoming more popular.  Durable concrete kitchen countertops are versatile with options like stains, pigments, aggregates, and coatings.  They can be ordered in pre-casted sections which is the most common method, or poured on site. Indestructible concrete kitchen countertops …
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Favorite Colored Kitchen Cabinets

FAVORITE COLORED KITCHEN CABINETS What is your favorite colored kitchen cabinets?  That is the question I asked in a poll at the bottom of my Colored Kitchen Cabinets post back in February of this year.  The results are ongoing from this most popular post that keeps on giving like a …