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Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant White Kitchen Cabinets The kitchen cabinets I am showing today are like a wedding cake on steroids.  This kitchen and the cabinets are a piece of art design like no other.  I found these kitchen cabinets on Houzz where there are thousands of kitchens to look at, but the …
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50s Retro Kitchens

Blast From The Past Retro Kitchens Retro kitchens are hot tamales these days. Big to little appliances are all dressed up to be retro. These appliances are available to buy to turn your kitchen retro just like Rachel Ray who has the blue BigChill refrigerator shown below that I like …
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Colored Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

Large appliances like the washer and dryer and small appliances like the stand mixer are infused with color more than ever before.  Colored appliances have been around for a long time, but not like they are today on small and large appliances.  Take the washer and dryer for instance.  When …
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French Country Kitchens

FRENCH COUNTRY KITCHENS French Country Kitchens are warm and gentle kitchens that give you the feeling of having someone wrapping their arms around you.  I found the first French Country kitchen featured on Houzz and one of the questions readers wanted to know about was the chandelier.  The chandelier is an …
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Craftsman Kitchens

CRAFTSMAN KITCHENS Craftsman kitchens often have extensive wood work and attention to detail and are usually within a Craftsman house.  Today I wanted to show some beautiful Craftsman kitchens for you to enjoy.