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Fun Retro Kitchens

Fun Retro Kitchens This whimsical, cottage-like, fun retro kitchen.  The cabinets are custom made and the countertops are concrete.  “The refrigerator is an 18.2 cubic foot retro Northstar refrig in Robin’s Egg Blue.  It is retro 50s on the outside and 21st century features and efficiency on the inside.”  The …
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Pink Retro Kitchens

For Valentine’s Day, here are pink retro kitchens old and new.  Trends have a way of coming back and retro kitchens are big business now.  Think of the Big Chill refrigerator company and their retro-look refrigerators or Elmira Stove Works that offer antique appliances and a stunning line of retro …
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50s Retro Kitchens

Blast From The Past Retro Kitchens Retro kitchens are hot tamales these days. Big to little appliances are all dressed up to be retro. These appliances are available to buy to turn your kitchen retro just like Rachel Ray who has the blue BigChill refrigerator shown below that I like …