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Liebster Award from Chocolate & Sunshine

Hi friends.  This is a public service announcement. No, it’s not. It is break from my regularly scheduled programming which is good because I have been in a blogging funk.

Thanks to Dana of Chocolate and Sunshine, I have been given a Liebster Award.  Thank you Dana.  I adore you back x1000.

You’ll love to follow Dana who blogs about chocolate.  She also blogs about sunshine, parties, DIY, her adventures redesigning her home, and other inspirational and informative topics.  I admire Dana who works a full-time job, has two children, is a single Mom, remodeled her house, and does her blog too. Liebster Award Did I mention she blogs about chocolate?  I found her through our Meet The Neighbors Link Party on Friday’s and now am a follower.  The Liebster Award nominates 11 blogs who have less than 200 Bloglovin readers.  I think we can use it here to include not just blogs on Bloglovin though.

The Liebster Award Bloggers answers 11 questions given to them by their nominator.  Then we pay it forward and each nominee does a post and nominates 11 bloggers with their own 11 questions.

This is definitely a lot of fun.  If I nominated you and you can’t reciprocate or have done this one before, please don’t be concerned.  I love to spotlight other bloggers and this is a nice way to show my appreciation.

Here are my 11 Liebster Award questions I have to answer.

1. Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark.

2. Favorite Chocolate Dessert? Chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting that has chocolate shavings sprinkled on the frosting.  But really, who am I kidding,any chocolate dessert will do.

3. Please share one interesting fact about your family? We just found a long-lost relative we have looked for and it’s a miracle come true.

4. Funny moment of something you or your kids did as a child? When my daughter was little she would take the fish OUT of the tank to look at them when we weren’t around….

5. You are shopping for your home.  If you have $25, what store will you go to?  (cannot be used towards a bill, family, clothing or savings).  Home Goods, it is my favorite place to spend $25 anytime, any day. 

6. Which room in your home is your favorite and why?  My favorite room in the house is the sunroom because of all the light.  

7. What area of your home needs a make-over and what top 2-3 things would you do if money was no object?  Our kitchen cabinets still need drawer pulls and knobs.  I dream of the day I have a hammer in hand like Kathy Bates in Friend Green Tomatoes and knock out our buffet and put a pantry there.

8. It’s Christmas season.  If you put up a tree, how many?  Real or artificial? We just bought a new artificial tree this past Christmas.  We usually put up one tree, but I would love to put up two.  I was thinking about spraying white flocking on our old tree and putting it up next year too.

9. It’s still Christmas season,  please share one of your favorite decorations — bought or homemade?  My favorite Christmas decoration last year was our Gold Danbury Mint collection of tree decorations that we inherited. Danbury Mint Christmas Ornament 10. Please let us know about two of your favorite places to visit in your city?  Blackwell Forest Preserve is fun to visit.  It has a lot of paths along the man-made lake, fishing, and picnic areas. Al’s Pizza that has been in town for over 30+ years and has one-of-a-kind pizza found nowhere else in the world.  

11. It’s a sunny day.  The temp. is 80 degrees.  You don’t have to go to work, school , do errands or clean your home.  What will you do?  Sit in the sun and read a book.

Next season on the blog I want to do an Academy Award Blogscar Award Ceremony for bloggers with different categories, so stay tuned.

My Nominees for the Liebster Awards goes to…..

1. Househoneys

2. CircaOldHouses 

3. Kathewithane

4. Makin my Apt a Home

5. House With The View

6. Deeconstructed

7. ArtandSand

8. PlumCreekPlace 

9. SouthernAbbey

10. Redoityourselfinspiration

11. Coconutheadsurvivalguide

Nominees, here are your 11 pressing Questions to answer so we can get to know you better.

1. Coffee or Tea?

2. Work at home dress for success in high heels and pearls or sweats?

3. Favorite kitchen gadget and why.

4. Favorite kitchen small appliance and why.

5. Do you have a hot area in the house where everything seems to land like mail, lists, pens, hats, purses?

6. What is on your honey do list waiting to get done?

7. Favorite movie/movies of all time?

8. What TV show/shows are on your must-see list?

9. If you were given an unlimited amount of money, what big-ticket item for your home would you buy?

10. What is your favorite store to shop for decor?

11. You just won the lotto, congratulations.  What kind of house will you go buy and where will it be?

Nominees:  Be sure to tag each of the bloggers you nominate as well as me in your post.  Go to each of their blogs and leave a comment that you have nominated them.

If any of my readers who are not bloggers would like to share any answers, please feel free to chime in on the Comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day!

XO Sue

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