Man Cave : Cabins and Antlers

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Man Cave of cabins and antlers and other hunter things that go bump in the night.

Today I’m sharing some not ready for prime time photos of my husband’s family hunting camp.

It’s a change from my usual home tour. Hang onto your britches or get your pantyhose tied into a knot.

Most man caves we see online are beautiful creations in basements, sheds or garages.  I do have a Man Cave Pinterest board that shows these beauties places.

Today’s man cave is really a hunting camp way up north, deep in the woods where they say “Eh?” and “How boat it?!” Here, they eat pasties and carry fishing rods and bows in their trucks. Where flannel is still king. They wore neon and camouflage before it was popular.

Here’s a reality dose of man cave, hunting camp style.

Man Cave : Cabins and Antlers

The beer cans are a long time collection of the owner’s son.


Deer CampNo pure white or gold-plated fauxidermy going on here.  I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep here, but the men sleep fine.  Notice there is TV deep in the woods to watch sports.

Decks are for hanging the bowsDecks are for hanging your bow not decorating.

Man Cave hunting camp kitchen

Hunting camp kitchenSalvaged kitchen cabinets.  No running water in the woods, so water jugs for washing and drinking.

Hunting Camp rules 2Follow Da Yoopers rules and you can stay awhile.

Hunting CampWarm fires, hot food, cold beer and Tall tales.

Deer Camp OuthouseAh yes, all the amenities of home.

Man Cave Hunting Camp 2


Road to Deer Camp


Back roads to deer campTo get there and back it’s four-wheelin and you’re taking a Yooper ride down the back roads.

What Happens at Deer Camp stays at Deer Camp

Here’s my husband up in a tree doing a spoof on the TV fishing and hunting shows how they talk sooo quiet.  Plus, I think a deer was coming.

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I have no other man caves on HK to see, but beer cans I got.

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