Newlywed and Broke Is A Hilarious New Comedy Sitcom

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Disclaimer: I am a blogger for the Entertainment New Media Network.  This Newlywed and Broke post has been compensated as part of a social campaign for Entertainment New Media Network and their client.  All opinions are 100% my own. #ENMNetwork 

Newlywed and Broke is a webseries modern-day “I Love Lucy” type comedy I get to tell you about.  It’s a financially challenged newlywed couple who come up with hilarious ways to make money or save money.  In each Newlywed and Broke episode “you’ll see a rib-tickling, laughter-inducing new way they struggle to make and save money!”  Yup, I like it already.  This is a series you will not want to miss.

Let’s learn some more fun things.

Newlywed and Broke is a “chuckle-licious single-camera comedy.”

The goal is to raise money ($25,000) through Indiegogo (cuz their broke too) to produce a TV quality webseries.  Then we can all go to their site and laugh a lot.  After a cult following, they will  pitch the series to networks like ABC, FOX, or HBO.  Exciting?  Yes!

Newlywed and Broke Is A Hilarious New Comedy SitcomBut that’s not all.  There is going to be a total of 52 YouTube videos called “BrokeTip Tuesday” sharing great money-saving tips each week.  The tip ideas are endless..Broke Dating, Broke Cooking, Broke Travel.  They want YOU to be part of this.  If you have a broke tip to share or need a tip, go to the comments tab on their Indiegogo page, drop them a line, and it may end up in an episode.  What?!

Perk-a-licious-ness!  Read the Perks listed on Indiegogo to have one of your ideas produced for real or be a co-host of a “Broke-Tip Tuesday” video.

Check out their fun Principal Introductory Video.  I’ll wait while you watch……

Watch one of the YouTube Tip of the Day videos…..

ENMNetwork bloggers were just updated that: “The Newlywed and Broke crowdfunding project marks the first time that crowdfunding campaign manager, John-Michael Scott and crowdfunding campaign promoter, Philip Cardwell have joined forces in support of a crowdfunding film project.

“When John-Michael called to explain the shows concept and the previous accomplishments of the group involved in the project, I felt obligated to take a look. What I saw, was a well-crafted, hilarious pitch for, what I believe will be, a future primetime TV series,” stated Philip Cardwell, Founder of Universal Media Consultants.

Oh Lucy, I’m home…sounds like Newlywed and Broke has a chance to be in the Primetime TV series lineup.

Still, Newlywed and Broke needs our help to come to life.  To make it easy to follow their journey and share #newlywedandbroke, I’ve listed their social media channels.





The Companies responsible for bringing us this laughter are:

Newlywed and Broke is sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization that helps raise money for creative projects.  Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. a creative agency providing campaign management services, and Universal Media Consultants (as above) advertising and marketing agency providing innovative ways for clients to gain exposure for their message.

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