Storybook Cottages Like Hansel and Gretel Houses

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5 Storybook Cottages

There is a place called Carmel By The Sea that has storybook cottages. Tourists love to visit the village and tour the charming storybook homes.  You may have seen a few posts here before about these fairytale type storybook cottages: Cottage in CarmelA Vintage Cottage 

It looks serene to live in real-life fairytale cottages in a village by the sea. I wanna live there!! It’s a favorite place so you’ll see more posts like this here as time goes on.

If you see a beautiful home you think I will like to feature I would love you to email me.  If you want to share your own home or a room in your home I am accepting photos and information in email too.  I also want you to tell me about your favorite town and kind of house you want to see here.

Storybook Cottages Carmel By The Sea cottages often have fairytale rickety fences like this or white picket fences framed by fanciful flowers.  This two bedroom cottage with ocean views is awaiting new owners shown by Realtor for $1,195,000.  The words enchantment by the sea come to mind when I see Carmel homes.

Storybook Cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea CA for sale with Coldwell BankerHere is the first storybook cottage that looks like a castle I have seen.  It’s listed as a Mediterranean and is elegant inside with hand-cut stone fireplaces.  House hunters will see it’s listed with Coldwell for $2,795,000

Unique Hand Crafted Cottage

Here’s a storybook cottage delightfully named “The Prancing Pony.”  It’s a brand new home in Carmel Point.  The listing says it’s a “whimsical cottage with handmade doors, Carmel stone turret staircase anchored by a tree trunk, and hand-hewn hickory floors.”  Let’s see what they are talking about.

Staircase unique hand crafted cottage for sale


Carmel stone fireplace hand crafted cottage for sale


Whimsical cottage Carmel Point CA for sale


Kitchen in whimsical cottage Carmel Point CA for sale


Whimsical Cottage Carmel Point, CA for sale


Rear view Carmel Point new cottage for sale


Oh my, that was adorable!  Called a unique hand-crafted cottage by Sothebyshomes where more photos can be seen and yes it’s asking price is in the millions at $2,495,000.

Hansel House Carmel By The SeaI wrote about the Hansel house and Carmel before.  New readers may be interested, so here’s the excerpt.

The Hansel house is a favorite part of Carmel By The Sea tour.  The feel of the town today is due to this 1924 Hugh Comstock hand-built cottage.  Comstock built it for his wife’s doll collection as she had no room for her many dolls.  Artists, writers and poets living there asked Comstock to build them a fairytale house too and storybook cottages became the theme of the village. Carmel By The Sea storybook village has whimsically named streets like Cinderella Lane and Secret Garden Passageway.

Gretel HouseStorybook cottages would not be complete without Gretel House and now my story is done.

May all your dreams come true just like in a fairytale.

Head to Cottage Homes and Storybook Houses for more wonderful Fairytale Homes.

Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. Hi Diane, I am not sure if the cobblestone walks and streets would hamper your visiting Carmel. I was thinking a call to the city would resolve any doubts you may have as they could better answer that question for you. Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. Hi.I’ve always wanted to visit Carmel but now I’m in a wheel chair.Is it possible to enjoy the trip confined to a chair? I love storybook houses and realize the stairs would be a problem but I was wondering if the cobblestone walks and streets would hinder a visit?Love your blog! Diane

  3. Hi Kimberly, I loved reading about your adventures in Carmel and hearing from another person who dreams of cottages there and has actually been there and seen the cottages and quaint town.

  4. I adore Carmel! I have been there numerous times, and never tire of just driving and walking around that town. Even the alleys are adorable! I took a picture of one I especially liked, and it led me back to a Thomas Kinkade Gallery. Turned out it was his very first artist studio, years and years ago. I’d never heard of Kinkade at that time, but 10 years later, I finally owned my very own Kinkade original. 🙂 I fell in live with one little cottage my first visit (1989?), and was bold enough to stand inside its gate to have my picture taken so I could actually visualize myself living in one of those quaint little homes. It was listed for sale at $3.1 mil….and 3 years later reduced to $1.2 mil. Alas, I’m still dreaming of a cottage in Carmel. 😉

  5. This looks like such a great way to spend the day. I’d have a field day looking at all of these houses. Thank you for telling us about it.

  6. I wish I could see this area for myself, Sue. Such unique homes and you would never guess the beautiful, updated interiors inside by the quaint exteriors. Dreamy.

    Your blog always makes me smile!

  7. Hi Heather thanks for your comment. Homes in Carmel-by-the-sea and the area are pricey and then it’s California where homes are expensive, but oh it would be nice to live by-the-sea in one of these cottages. Have a nice weekend!

  8. I have never been Sue, but I have seen photos of the cottages before and I am in love! Your post today has reignited my interest and makes me want to name my own cottage…which would list for no where near two million dollars! 😉

  9. I have only seen photos of the dog-friendly beaches and wonderful shops and restaurants. I forgot to mention that I read Clint Eastwood was the Mayor there in the past.

  10. You and Carol are both so fortunate to have experienced Carmel By The Sea. Thanks for letting us know how special a place it really is in real life.

  11. I have been to Carmel. It is simply wonderful. It really does feel like you are driving by cottages from story books stories. I have forgotten how wonderful the cottages are there.

  12. Carmel is one of my favorite little towns. The streets of shops and restaurants are as picturesque as the streets of homes. The beach is dog friendly and many of the inns allow visitors to bring their pets. I fell in love with Carmel as a little girl when my family was staying in a plain old motel in Monterey. Walking past all those precious little cottages might have been the beginning of my love for houses and decorating.

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