The “Bounce Back Project” Shemar Moore Live Chat Twitter Party


The Bounce Back Project Shemar Moore is doing I am involved with had an amazing Twitter Party on Tuesday, July 2nd.  We trended worldwide and all kinds of high Twitter Party impressions numbers.  Fans of The Bounce Back efforts to spread the word is making a difference.  Every share and click is being noticed by Shemar.  You can help me by clicking my share buttons below or have fun with your own involvement.

We are almost to our goal to raise ($250K) and more.  This exciting independent movie making journey includes you.  Making a contribution to The Bounce Back Project film gives you insider perks.

For example, a $35 contribution to the Bounce Back Project includes your own video updates from Shemar to let you know details of what is going on in the film world of “Bounce Back” in addition to, shooting script, first listen of the soundtrack, email updates about behind the scenes news, casting decisions, and photos from the set.

The "Bounce Back Project" Shemar Moore Live Chat Twitter Party

 Want tickets to the red carpet?  There’s a contribution for that that includes attending the After Party.  Want to go clubbing with Shemar and be ALL THAT?  We’ve got you covered. 

Bounce Back movie ProjectThis Sunday, July 7th The Bounce Back Twitter Party is a LIVE one hour chat with Shemar Moore!  The Bounce Back Blogger team is getting ready in the background.  Follow me on Twitter for behind the scenes Twitter Party photos.

Read and learn more about The Bounce Back Project on my introductory post here.  Visit indiegogo to learn about the oh so amazing first of its kind fan contribution perks for The Bounce Back Project.

I hope to see you Sunday!

Stay tuned for more exciting #ShemarMoore The Bounce Back movie updates.

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