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Hobbit houses and the new movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”  There will be two more movies released after that making it a trilogy.  The second movie in the series is “There and Back Again” and will be released in December of 2013 and I don’t know the name of the third movie, but it will be released in 2014. – wikipedia.org



“The Hobbit” and “There and Back Again” were shot back-to-back in New Zealand.  I found the above image at theworldisnotflat.com with a Creative Commons badge.  This is from “The Lord of the Rings” of course and is a tour location in Matamata, New Zealand.  Some scenes from the new movie The Hobbit were also filmed in Matamata, New Zealand.

My The Hobbit book

Years ago I was selling just tons of Easton Press books on e-Bay that I acquired from my Dad after he died.  I had way to many books to sell, but I finally got them all categorized, photographed, and priced for the market after a lot of research.  One of the books was – The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien-, and while researching it I found out that a movie was in the works, so I decided to hang on to it thinking it would be more valuable in the future.

I soon tired of selling books online and still have many Easton Press books today, but now that “The Hobbit” movie is due out this year I am glad I didn’t sell my copy of the book. Plus, when my daughter was young she used to watch the 1977 animated version of The Hobbit on TV and she was quite obsessed with it, so that was another reason I kept the book.

So my little hobbits, it’s time to play and look at the Hobbit house style or houses built into the ground.  Imagine if all houses in the world were built into the ground and not on top of it.  Would you like that?  Could we convert as a society to this type of housing?  They ARE more energy efficient.  The Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living calls these kinds of homes earth-sheltered homes.

Dune House via Wallstreet Journal

Photo via online.wsj.com

The Wallstreet Journal reported back in March of 2009 under House of the Day about a “two-unit duplex home built into a hillside in Florida on the beach.  It’s called Dune House and is an architectural wonder.  It’s located at 1941 and 1943 Beach Avenue in Atlantic Beach, Florida.”  

Hobbit house in Jacksonville, Florida

Photo via online.wsj.com

“The owner is architect, William Morgan, who designed the structure in 1975.  Per the WSJ article, “he was just trying to preserve his view of the ocean when he designed the building in the early 1970s.”  “I lived next door to the property, and I wanted to look out and see the Atlantic. I didn’t want to see a house built next door to mine. I wanted to keep the landscape as near as possible to what was existing.”  I’d say it was a wonderful view to preserve.

“He has rented it out over the years for $1,200 and $1,250.”   The entire structure is now on the market for $1.85 million. – per WSJ article back in March of 2009.  I wondered if the home sold or if the new owners took the property and built a regular home here.

Weird but Wonderful Homes

 Photo via www.cnbc.com

CNBC reported about it in 2011 under their Weird but Wonderful Homes.  Their About states:  “The double-height apartments are carved into a sand dune.  The building was constructed in 1975 using swimming pool technology, a gunite-concrete shell anchored to a cast concrete floor. It’s also one of the original green roofs, as it’s topped by a mantle of earth stabilized by native landscaping which helps to maintain a 70-degree temperature inside.”  But the article does not say if the home has sold.  We shall have to imagine this hobbit-like structure is still there waiting for a lover of ground-dwelling to buy it.

House in a hillside


Here is a splendid hobbit-type home built by Simon Dale and his father-in-law in Wales.  Their site called “Being Somewhere” has the How they built it, Why they built it, resources, and a forum to check out.  But..,,

Inside house in a hill Hobbit house

Inside of simon dale house


Some fun facts about the house in a hillside that he lists are:

“Fridge is cooled by air coming underground through foundations.

Solar panels for lighting, music and computing.

Dug into hillside for low visual impact and shelter.

Main tools used: chainsaw, hammer and 1 inch chisel, little else really.”  He also lists a New House they are working on now!

My husband is very handy, he could do this, I know he could.  I better not show this to him or he’ll get ideas, buy a hillside, and have me blogging via a hobbit house before I can say “This is MADNESS!” – (quote by Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit)

I am back to….. Imagine if all houses in the world were built into the ground and not on top of it.  It’s starting to happen by everyday people just like you and me.

Enjoy this YouTube link to THE HOBBIT Trailer to be one-hobbit ahead of the rest of your friends.

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