This Rainfall Showerhead is a Heavenly Spa on the Wall

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Rainfall Showerhead

I  did a quick and easy update to our shower by converting it into a heavenly spa with a rainfall showerhead. It took our showers from Blah to Ahhh……

This is something we do every few years since there is always something new on the market. When I heard the folks at Aqua Dance wanted me to test drive and review the Aqua Dance 3 Way Rainfall Combo Showerhead, I jumped at the opportunity. Now our showers are a heavenly spa experience.

Converting a shower with this combo showerhead set was so incredibly easy I could not believe it. We did not need any tools to install the rainfall showerhead; it is just to hand tighten and you’re done.

Having a Rainfall Showerhead is like having your own Heavenly Spa The Aqua Dance 3 Way Rainfall Showerhead has:

3-way shower combo combines 6″ face Rainfall showerhead and 4″ face hand shower, each with 6 settings. Includes 5′ stainless steel hose and 3 way water diverter with angle-adjustable bracket.

Features: Water Saving Option
Includes: Hose, Installation Hardware, Showerhead
Material: Metal, Plastic, Chrome
Metal Finish: Chrome
Finish: Chrome-Plated
Protective Qualities: Corrosion Resistant, Rustproof
Flow Rate: 2.5 Gal. Gallons Per Minute
Showerhead Settings: Full Spray, Mist Spray, Jet Massage

Number of Settings on the rainfall showerhead is 30!!!! Be right back… okay Ahh, that feels better. I just had a Jet Massage.

Aqua Dance 3 Way Rainfall Showerhead is very easy to install and is a heavenly showerhead spa-like experienceSo quick and easy to install.  Just tighten the fittings on both units and your done! To change the showerhead settings I like the tab on the side of each showerhead that has a nice audible click as you move through each experience.So easy to install the Aqua Dance 3 Way Rainfall Showerhead. Just tighten settings and you're doneWe really like a hand-held personal showerhead and this one does not disappoint with all the settings. Plus I like the lift off handle for easy cleaning of the shower too.

Aqua Dance Showerhead is available at Target


If you’ve never had a combination showerhead system like the Aqua Dance, I hope you get the chance to try it out. I like the mist setting for washing my face. I do feel markedly relaxed like being at a spa after showering now. Having a rainfall showerhead is like having a heavenly spa on the wall.

Sue - Housekaboodle

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