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Skeeter’s House from The Help Movie For Sale

Here’s Skeeter’s House! Skeeter’s House from The Help movie is a grand Prairie Style historic home. They filmed all the interior scenes for Skeeter’s House from inside this small stately home. I am excited to see Skeeter’s house for sale because I did a movie post on all the ladies houses …
TV & Movie Houses

Cheaper By The Dozen House For Sale Is Glorious

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN HOUSE FOR SALE The famous Steve Martin movie Cheaper By The Dozen House is for sale. I am excited to show you one of my top favorite iconic homes in a movie, plus I could not love the delightful movie more. No wonder they picked this …
TV & Movie Houses

Silence of the Lambs House For Sale

 BUFFALO BILL’S SILENCE OF THE LAMBS HOUSE The Silence of the Lambs house where psycho Buffalo Bill lived is for sale. Since the house went on the market it has made headlines with national news outlets like Good Morning America, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Buzz Feed and the …
TV & Movie Houses

A Good Year Movie with Russell Crowe

A Good Year Movie Long ago I fell in love with the 2006 romantic, comedy, A Good Year Movie. Russell Crowe stars as Max Skinner a ruthless and successful London bond trader. He is  the only heir to his Uncle Henry’s (Albert Finney) vineyard and Chateau in Provence where he spent …
TV & Movie Houses

Love Actually Movie with Hugh Grant

LOVE ACTUALLY MOVIE Love Actually movie was filmed in 2003. It’s a British romantic comedy that starts at 5 weeks before Christmas and does a weekly countdown. The movie’s opening and closing scenes are at Heathrow Airport in London. The airport scenes are of real people greeting loved ones. The …