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The Wonder Years Stole My Heart

The Wonder Years TV series stole my heart like millions of other fans in 1988 through 1993. I remember Mama.. I remember striped bell-bottom pants and paisley shirts and.. I remember The Wonder Years. I really did love and adore watching this show each week. The good old days of …
TV & Movie Houses

Portlandia Real TV House on Rent It Out Episode

Portlandia comedy series streams on Netflix and Amazon. The real house featured in an episode skit entitled Rent It Out is a funky artistic cottage in Portland. The house reportedly was filmed for Season 3 on Portlandia in front of the “2 car garage converted into a ceramics studio.”  I …
TV & Movie Houses

Iron Man Movie House – Not

Iron Man 3 has been out on cable and satellite.  My husband loves all things action movie like Spider Man, Batman, RoboCop, you get the picture. He doesn’t often order extra movies to watch, but after we watched Iron Man 3 he ordered the first sequel to experience it again. …
TV & Movie Houses

Mary Tyler Moore me

Mary Tyler Moore me.  Like The Mary Tyler Moore TV show, I rented an upper apartment in a house when I was a single 20 something (but Mary was in her 30s).  I had a landlady downstairs, but no upstairs neighbor named Rhoda or any upstairs neighbor, it was just….me. …