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Mary Tyler Moore House in Minneapolis MN For Sale

The Mary Tyler Moore house for sale is from the classic TV sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore show.  The show ran from 1970-1977 and was a huge hit.  This is the famous charming Victorian house where Mary rented the third floor studio apartment.  Rhoda Morganstern lived above her and becomes …
TV & Movie Houses

Groundhog Day Movie House Is $985,000

Groundhog Day Movie House is on the market for $985,000.  In the movie the house was “Cherry Street Inn” a fitting name for an eye candy Victorian Lady.  In real life, like in the movie, it is now a Bed and Breakfast but named the Royal Victorian Manor by the …
TV & Movie Houses

Homeland Cabin Location in Charlotte NC

Homeland cabin location in Charlottle, North Carolina.  Many readers searching for information about Showtime’s Homeland TV series are clamoring to know where the log cabin Brody and Carrie escaped to is located from Episode 7, Season 1.  That episode is called “The Weekend” when Carrie and Brody first hook-up and begin …
TV & Movie Houses

Bourne Legacy House is Dr. Oliver Bronson House

Bourne Legacy House Bourne Legacy house is the Dr. Oliver Bronson house a historic landmark in Hudson, New York.  The Bourne Legacy /Oliver Bronson house was originally built in 1812 for Samuel Plumb as a Federal style house.  The Money Pit movie house is a beautiful example of Federal Style if …
TV & Movie Houses

Famous Homeland House Sold in One Day

Famous Homeland house just sold for above the asking price of $394,000. The Nicholas Brody family house sold in just ONE day!  Located in Mountainbrook, North Carolina in the Mountainbrook neighborhood.  The owner says her famous Homeland house has become a “tourist destination” especially during Christmas. If you watch Showtime’s …
TV & Movie Houses

Chicago locations Scout Put Your Home On The Big Screen

Chicago locations scout Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. is the go-to location scout in the Chicagoland area to get your home or business featured on the big screen. Kate provides a comprehensive range of location services. Web and television commercials, commercial advertising, catalog photo shoots, events, and more. Did you know …