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Unusual Houses

A Fanciful Mushroom House In Bethesda Maryland

See Inside The Mushroom House This unusual house in Bethesda, Maryland is called The Mushroom House. It was for sale and sold this year to someone who appreciates its fancifulness. Bethesda Magazine said locals also call it The Flintstone House, Smurf House, and Hobbit House.
Unusual Houses

Hobbit House Heaven

Hobbit House Heaven You’re going to love seeing this authentic Hobbit House in Wales built by Simon Dale of Being Somewhere. It’s a real-life fairytale house in the woods. Simon Dale and his father-in-law built it by hand with basic tools like a chainsaw, hammer and chisel.
Unusual Houses

Three Little Pigs Houses

Three Little Pigs Houses Three tiny houses constructed to look like The Three Little Pigs storybook houses were on the side of a road in Xenia, Ohio. One built of straw, one made of sticks and the one with the window is made of bricks.