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Unusual Houses

The Whimsical Rainbow House that Sweaters Built

A Whimsical Rainbow House You’re going to like seeing the whimsical rainbow house that sweaters built called Calico by Kat O’Sullivan. The house reflects her free-spirit and is an explosion of happiness. Kat has an Etsy shop for her signature recycled sweater coats and arm warmers that fuels her magical …
Unusual Houses

All Aboard 747 Wing House Made Out of Old Plane

Come fly with me in a 747 Wing House, you heard right! Design Milk interviewed the builder, Architect David Hertz. Amazing that he bought an old 747 plane for practically nothing, then used the million pieces of plane materials to build the architectural wonder, Wing House! The main home has …
Unusual Houses

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois. Do you believe in ghosts?  What real haunted houses or haunted places like a bridge or cemetery have you visited this year.  I get chills up my spine and fear in my heart just hearing about all the haunts every October. Here are three Haunted Places …