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Tourist Attractions: 8 Animal Shaped Buildings To Visit

Tourist Attractions of the unusual kind today. Here are 8 ingenious animal shaped buildings to visit on your travels. Have you seen any of these animal shaped buildings? One is actually a seashell house in Mexico. The 8 tourist attractions are: A Shell House in Mexico, a dinosaur, blue whale, giant …
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Hollywood Hills Three Layer Cake House

I’m in Hollywood Hills again with an unusual home that looks like a three layer cake house or house built on top of a concrete boat that’s in the ground. Fascinating. I wonder how it came to be designed in layers back in 1968 or was it a remodel as …
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CasaBubble Bubble Houses Of The Future

I never thought I’d see a house shaped like a bubble or see people living inside a bubble.  Welcome to the Bubble Houses of the future by CasaBubble. Sleep, go to sleep, in a dreamy bubble. Experience nature like being in the comfort of your own home in a CasaBubble …
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A Seashell House In Mexico

I found a beautiful Seashell house.  The house sits on the quiet tropical island, Isla Mujeres in Mexico.  If you’re planning a trip to an island paradise, consider going to Mexico and renting this unusual home. The Seashell house is also pretty famous. It’s been featured on HGTV and in …
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Storybook Cob House

Storybook Cob House Storybook Cob House is really the Mud and Wood House in Ireland built by a Feile Butler and Colin Ritche who run the Mud & Wood Company. Amazing that they built their cob house by hand using natural and salvaged materials. Their Mud & Wood site answers …
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Is This Anything? The Incredible Edible Shed

Is this anything?  Is this anything is an incredible edible shed type green house or Incredible Edible House.  Get the idea?  No?  Well the house is really a prototype waiting to go live.  The concept houses’ siding grows edible greenery. The Wall Street Journal asked some architects to “design an …