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Unusual Houses

Tourist Attractions: 8 Animal Shaped Buildings To Visit

Tourist Attractions of the unusual kind today. Here are 8 ingenious animal shaped buildings to visit on your travels. Have you seen any of these animal shaped buildings? One is actually a seashell house in Mexico. The 8 tourist attractions are: A Shell House in Mexico, a dinosaur, blue whale, giant …
Unusual Houses

Hollywood Hills Three Layer Cake House

I’m in Hollywood Hills again with an unusual home that looks like a three layer cake house or house built on top of a concrete boat that’s in the ground. Fascinating. I wonder how it came to be designed in layers back in 1968 or was it a remodel as …
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CasaBubble Bubble Houses Of The Future

I never thought I’d see a house shaped like a bubble or see people living inside a bubble.  Welcome to the Bubble Houses of the future by CasaBubble. Sleep, go to sleep, in a dreamy bubble. Experience nature like being in the comfort of your own home in a CasaBubble …
Unusual Houses

A Seashell House In Mexico

I found a beautiful Seashell house.  The house sits on the quiet tropical island, Isla Mujeres in Mexico.  If you’re planning a trip to an island paradise, consider going to Mexico and renting this unusual home. The Seashell house is also pretty famous. It’s been featured on HGTV and in …
Unusual Houses

Storybook Cob House

Storybook Cob House Storybook Cob House is really the Mud and Wood House in Ireland built by a Feile Butler and Colin Ritche who run the Mud & Wood Company. Amazing that they built their cob house by hand using natural and salvaged materials. Their Mud & Wood site answers …