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“The Hobbit” Movie and Hobbit Houses

Hobbit houses and the new movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”  There will be two more movies released after that making it a trilogy.  The second movie in the series is “There and Back Again” and will be released in December of 2013 and I don’t know the name of …
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House In The Clouds

A HOUSE IN THE CLOUDS House in the Clouds.  “The fairies really own this house, or so the children say.  In fact, they all of them moved in upon the self-same day.”  I found something quite interesting called The House In The Clouds that is located in the township of Thorpness in Suffolk, England. 
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Valentines Day Houses

Valentines Day Houses♥ It’s Valentines Day time and I heart houses.  These houses are perfect for Valentines Day.  They are white houses with red shutters, houses with red hearts, a pink house with heart trim, and houses decorated as a Valentine, Houses that say I Love You out loud. Do …
Unusual Houses

Windmill houses

When I think of Windmill houses, I think of the Netherlands and tulips and clogs.  The Dutch were the first to develop “windmill technology” to help fight water shortages and they still have thousands of windmills and even have a National Windmill Day.  But what about in the United States, …
Unusual Houses

Polka Dot House

POLKA DOT HOUSE I have not seen this polka dot house before or even known about it. It is in Detroit, Michigan and part of a project called Heidelberg because it is on Heidelberg Street. This area is one of Detroit’s depressed, abandoned house areas and this art movement was …