Hi, my name is Sue.  

Welcome to HouseKaboodle and thank’s for checking me out!  

Here are some frequently asked questions:  

1. Why is this blog called Housekaboodle?

Good question.  It’s about houses so that’s the easy part.  Then there’s the kaboodle.  I want to be about everything in a house, the whole kit and kaboodle.  Originally, I thought about a caboodle case with all the compartments in it.  A house is like that, it has different rooms and different things in each room.  

2. So then why didn’t you call it Housecaboodle Sue? 

Another good question.  I did not like the way it looked with the c after the e, – too boring!  Instead, I did a play on words and changed it to k..kaboodle.  

3. Is that the only reason you call it Housekaboodle?

Nope.  I also called it Housekaboodle because it is so fun to say.  Go ahead, say it out loud 3 times…Housekaboodle, Housekaboodle, Housekaboodle!  Well, it was kinda fun wasn’t it?

4.  Where are the compartment?

I am not done yet.  My kaboodle part is under construction so to speak.  I am not just going to be about the houses and content that I currently post about.  I want to be bigger and have all kinds of other categories on this blog including, but not even limited to DIY, Before and After anything in a house like a kitchen remodel, decorating, furniture new and/or refurbished, etc., you get the idea.  So keep checking back here for updates.  After all, it’s a house and there is a lot that goes into a house to make it a home.

5.  Why do you blog about houses?  

It’s just the way that God made me.  I can’t do anything about it, so I may as well blog about it.  

But in all seriousness, I do love houses and everything about them.  This is a passion and labor of love for me.  I created Housekaboodle to showcase houses.

If you want to be featured here, great!  See my Contact Sue page or email me at [email protected]  See you soon………… 

A little blurb about Housekaboodle’s content.

I am a house junkie, as you will see while browsing around.  Check out the houses styles, home tours, Celebrity houses, TV & Movie houses, Unusual houses, houses for sale, and Kitchen Talk.  

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I try to get permission to use images when possible, but if I can’t get permission, I am using the images under the Fair Use provisions and I mean no harm or disrespect.  If there is a problem with a photo, please contact me, and I will remove it immediately.  As a fairly new blogger, I am working on the intellectual property rights, providing links, citing sources, and crediting inspiration where appropriate.  I am also entering the long process of going through older posts and re-crediting any image or source I find could be more well defined.  Thank you for patience in this matter.