Tiny House Tours

My list of homes on Housekaboodle would not be complete without teeny, tiny houses. Small space living is a popular movement now due to the economy.

These houses may be tiny, but their design is the emphasis and not the size. Some are just small.  I think of tiny houses like a small cottage.  Personally, I am not ready to live in such a small space and I don’t know if I ever will be ready.

Tiny House ESCAPE CanoeBay - On the Tiny House List

That will never stop me from growing my tiny house list.  Readers love learning about and looking at tiny houses on Housekaboodle.

Some of the tiny house list little dwellings you can browse includes:

A boat house, Caboose, cottage, smallest apartment in NY, an assortment of Tumbleweed tiny houses, and a tiny house built out of spite called the Spite house.