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  1. Thanks so much Carol. It always upsets me to see all the damage the fires are doing to beautiful California. I will look at the San Ysidro Ranch for sure. I envy you your trips high above Montecito, just reading about it makes it a spa day for me.

  2. Montecito is an absolutely gorgeous area – sadly there was a lot of damage last winter from the Thomas Fire and then flooding.

    My husband has an art patron who lives high above Montecito with the most gorgeous view. I always go with him if he is delivering a painting there.

    You should research the San Ysidro Ranch. It’s a special place we go for anniversaries and birthdays. John and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned there and there is a Kennedy Cottage. It was once owned by Ronald Coleman. Sadly it is closed temporarily due to the fire/floods last winter.

    The last time we ate there we saw Jennifer Garner and her children.

  3. Honestly, this is such a lovely home. I was thinking it reflects Rob Lowe and his wife’s stable life too.

  4. If I had to choose one home that would be the essence of me, it would be this one. I love everything about it…all the decor…the entire kaboodle lol

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