Southern Living House Plans Featuring Sugarberry Cottage

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Southern Living House Plans Top 12 Best-Selling House Plans celebrates their 30 years of custom-designed homes featuring just some of the most popular house plans.

Stop by their site to enjoy the show.  I like them all.  I picked Sugarberry Cottage Southern Living house plans #1648 to feature today.  

A Southern Farmhouse exclusively designed for Southern Living by Moser Design Group.  Sugarberry Cottage is a three-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom one-and-a-half story cottage with an open layout that makes full use of every inch of space for storage, family life, and entertaining.  

Just some of the other features are transom windows and an adorable backyard shed you have to wait until the end to see.

I am dreaming of all the Southern Living House plans.  I like the name “Sugarberry Cottage” and its wrap around porch, screened-in porch and high ceilings.  It is beautifully decorated with inspiring ideas.  

Check out their SHOP to get the Southern Living Look with products from their home and garden collections.  Let’s take a home tour of Sugarberry Cottage.

Southern Living House Plans Featuring Sugarberry Cottage

Sugarberry Cottage is a just-right size house plan for me at one-and-a-half stories.

Southern Living Sugarberry Cottage house plan

Love the dormers on either side, porch, and full-length front windows.  This is Sugarberry Cottage house plan #1648.

Sugarberry Cottage

Shiny jet black shutters and fabulous fans for this Southern porch.

Porch Sugarberry Cottage SL-1648

The back of the cottage has this brightly decorated screened in porch that Southerners must love for the weather.  

Southern Living plans SL-1648
Southern Living SL-1648
Southern Living plans SL-1648

Cute kitchen!  I notice the signature round cottage-type cabinet knobs.  I remind myself that this is a house plan and can be customized.

White kitchen cabinets are popular, but what other colors would look nice in this kitchen?  Then there are wood kitchen cabinets to consider.  Not that I even think any changes need to be made.  Just dreaming……

Southern Living plans SL-1648
Southern Living Plans SL-1648

Loving the over-sized heart wall hanging.  My sister likes cozy and loves this cottage house plan and says “No spacious great room for her.”

Southern Living Storage nook

Clever storage nook in the wall making use of available space in this 1,679 square foot model.

Southern Living Bedroom
Southern Living Bedroom 1648
Southern Living Bathroom
Southern Living Built-in Mudroom
Southern Living home plan 1648
Southern living Sugarberry Cottage shed
Southern Living Garden Shed plan 1648

Ending with the Garden Shed.  Instead of window boxes, I now like the idea of the shelving on the side of the shed where the potted plants sit.  Cute almost Bermuda style overhang roofs above gives this shed a distinctive Southern look.

I hope you enjoyed Sugarberry Cottage Southern Living House Plans.  Be sure to drop by Southern Living to check out all their home ideas.

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