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  1. Thanks Shelia, it is so exciting that you get to move and explore new houses. I want to hie in your pocket.

  2. Such a cute house, great use of space. I love a wrap around porch, and that garden shed is adorable. Hubby and I may end up building at our new location, so I need to check out those floor plans.

  3. to finish my comment. Hit the button by accident. I really find cottages very appealing.

  4. Those built in shelves are really spectacular. I really find

  5. Yes, I meant to write about that nice free-standing bathroom sink.

  6. I believe someday you will have it at the rate you are going.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    That’s pretty much the house I have in my head that I would like for me and my children, sigh. It’s perfect!

  8. Oh, my!

    wrap around porch . . . the bathrooms . . . great use of space . . . love it all!

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