Come See The Real Life As We Know It House

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I am smitten with the real Life As We Know It house from the 2010 romantic dramedy.  The house sits in Atlanta, Georgia and is beautifully landscaped.

Built in 1945, the home details say it was completely renovated.  It’s a house for a big family.  Five bedrooms, five full and two half-baths, and five fireplaces. Arched doorways and double french doors to porch.  Large gourmet kitchen with two dishwashers.

If you fell in love with the house in the film, you’re going to fall in love with the real Life As We Know It house too.

Come See The Real Life As We Know It House
scene from Life As We Know It movie

I have a Life As We Know It movie post from 2012.  It details the movie plot. I share screenshots showing the movie set decorating, scenes from the film and exterior screenshots of the house.  The interior of the house for the film was a movie set, but exterior house scenes were filmed at the Atlanta, Georgia house. Gorgeous southern Atlanta, Georgia home famous for starring in a movie, but even without that extra status would be famous on its own architectural beauty.

The house as it appeared in the film had two trees.  The Life As We Know It real house now has one tree in the front yard or maybe it is just the angle of the real estate photo.  (See all the photos of the movie house at the bottom of the post and help me figure out if a tree is missing.)

Real LIfe As We Know It house - Entryway 4172 Club Dr NE Atlanta GA
scene in Life As We Know It movie
Dining rm 4172 Club Dr NE Atlanta GA - zillow
4172 Club Dr Atlanta, GA - Zillow
For Sale 4172 Club Dr Atlanta GA - zillow
Zillow 4172 Club Dr NE Atlanta GA
Kitchen Atlanta GA- Zillow
The real Life As We Know It house for sale
Life As We Know It movie
kitchen from movie set Life As We Know It
Zillow - 4172 Club Dr NE Atlanta GA
For Sale Atlanta GA - Zillow

The landscaping has also changed with lower bushes around the front door.  I spot a trellis on the real house added between the two windows on the far right and all kinds of new bushes and ground cover.

Foyer and staircase in the real house. The door is slightly different in the movie with a sunburst window and the railing is white and not the iron staircase railing in the real house. Classic elegance with unusual double arched doorways.  Not that the house comes with the fringed ottoman, but I’ve always wanted one, but know the fringe would be gleefully destroyed by our curious cat. Five fireplaces in the home and we’ve seen two so far.  

Plenty of room to sit six at the table, three at the breakfast bar and three more around the island.     That’s a wine cooler plus the kitchen has   Viking range, subzero fridge, 2 freezer drawers and 2 dishwashers. The movie set kitchen has a similar kitchen island and chandelier style and…. breakfast bar and seating.

For Sale Atlanta GA - Zillow
For Sale Atlanta GA - zillow

I have no idea where this room is in the real house, but it’s so interesting.  It’s definitely a sunroom or porch.    

Inside the real Life As We Know It house for sale in Atlanta GA - Zillow
Atlanta GA - zillow
Movie scene Life As We Know it
4172 Club Dr Atlanta GA- Zillow

You would not have to twist my arm to ask if the bed and sofa can be included with the sale of the home.  Wrap it up, I’ll take it.
One of the five bathrooms. The rear of the real house looks like a completely different house compared to the front of the home.

Holly (Katherine Heigel) sitting on the steps onscreen trying to gather her wits after she learns she and Messer (Josh Duhamel) have custody of one-year-old Sophie. This stunning Georgia home famous for its role in a movie is newly on the market for $1,885,000. Want it? Dorsey Alston holds the listing.

In the movie, the lives of two can do anything I want singles, Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) suddenly change.

Their best friends die in a car crash and the will states that both Holly and Eric are now the guardians of the couple’s one-year-old daughter Sophie.  They don’t like each other so the joint effort to care for Sophie has a lot of twists and turns.

As the two struggle with instant parenthood and forced friendship, their transition from single life to responsible parents is depicted in the movie by photos of the house as the seasons change.

Life As We Know It SUMMER

This is the screenshot of the house called SUMMER.

Life As We Know It movie AUTUMN

The house defines their life now as AUTUMN in the passage of time in the movie.

Life As We Know It movie WINTER

The house shows their life is now in WINTER.  Some changes are happening.

Read all about the film and see more movie scenes on Life As We Know It movie house

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