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  1. The 2 weeks line always makes me laugh out loud too and even to this day some scenes still make me laugh. OMG Michelle that your Dad was a fixer-upper/house flipper; I love that. You must have a lot of great and not so great home improvement stories to tell.

  2. Oh my gosh! As a kid my dad was always buying houses, fixing them up and then we would move into it. Then he would find another and it would start all over again. So when this movie came out and I saw it for the first time the “it will be 2 weeks” rang true in every way! Why do they always tell you it will take 2 weeks? LOL! I love it and I know this was a while back but I had to come check it out! Thanks for posting. It gave me a smile.

  3. ‘How the one percent lives” – good insight Candy. Since I don’t have the money for this kind of opulence, I like to look.

  4. Wow! I am in love with the stairway. So this is how the one percent lives, Wow!!

  5. I’m right with you! I’ll take the pool house and you can have the big house.

  6. I so wanna live here. Love love love everything but the price lol.

  7. Thanks Carol, plus I’ve read many times that famous homes from TV or movies always get more money for their home than any normal house.

  8. $12 million is a lot of money, but considering what you get with that gorgeous house and how expensive houses in California are, it is actually reasonably priced. Those stairways are beautiful.

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