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  1. Glad to hear from someone who kind of grew up with her in the movies. My Mom always would say “what is she doing with that Spencer Tracy, he is not even good looking.” Mom did not mince words.

  2. I love Kate, she will always be iconic. The epitome of class and elegance and so was her home. It’s breathtaking! Like she was.

  3. We love Katherine Hepburn’s home too and I learned a lot about her and admire her for so many reasons. Her home is 14.8 million and Trump’s home is listed for 54 million, but both are on the golden waterfront of CT. Katherine Hepburn was so laid back and real that it is not any wonder you love her home so much.

  4. Now this house is just as expensive as Donald’s, but yet I like it a lot more! I love the layout and the simple design of it. I’d enjoy cooking in that kitchen and eating at the table by the double doors. That livingroom still looks welcoming and friendly.

  5. Hi Felicia,thank you so much for sharing the All About Kate article that shows some of her decorating style.

  6. jennifer santiago says:

    I’m more curious to see what it looked like when she lived there. We’re looking at the renovation.

  7. wow its a stunning home love everything about it

  8. You’re so right Sarah. Hepburn makes you pay attention to what she is saying, doing, and where she is going. Can’t take your eyes off her.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Very classic and classy! Wouldn’t expect anything less from Hepburn! And I agree with you on how wonderful it is that she owned the house for 65 years!

  10. Thank you Robin for your Wow, beautiful property comment. You’re a strong, independent, do it yourself woman like Katherine Hepburn too.

  11. Wow. What a beautiful piece of property. The home is breathtaking.

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