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  1. I didn’t think about it that way, but you’re abosolutely right that I am checking out the houses on TV and in movies Michelle.

  2. I love that when you watch a movie you are really checking out the house. That is awesome! Thanks for this I did like the movie!

  3.  @Katherines Corner Hi Katherine, I really like your Favorites Things hop and thank you for the visit.  I hope you feel better soon and have a nice week. 

  4. This house is beautiful. I enjoyed the movie too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Your participation helps make it a success.I’m sorry I am slow to visit I am fighting a nasty head cold and my time on the computer has been limited.Wishing you a beautiful day .xo 

  5.  @mail4rosey I am so happy to read your comment mail4rosey, it has made my day

  6. mail4rosey says:

    I would take it too, this house is GORGEOUS in every way.  I love the break down you did of the pics and the explanations that went along with them.  I love the mirrors/tables/lamps by the front door too!
    -Found you at Katherine’s Corner

  7.  @simplybydesign2 Mesmerized is a good description, I agree with that and glad you liked the underwear shot.  Happy Back To School Jenny. 

  8. simplybydesign2 says:

    I was memorized by this house when I first saw the movie. I love the color of it, the way the interior looks, the bright kitchen and the entry (one can dream of having an entry like that) and the built in was something I missed as well. I like that you took the photo of Messer in his underwear.

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