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My Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Theme

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My Christmas tree theme is silver and gold ornaments, silver and gold ribbon, and silver, gold, and glass garland.  I wanted my tree to sparkle.  I’ve never done a Christmas tree theme like this before and so excited to show you the results.  The main thing is I have had a lot fun!  I took my time decorating the tree doing a little each day, changing an ornament here and there.

My main purpose was to make the tree shimmer by using silver and gold ball ornaments, glass ball ornaments, silver and gold glittered ribbon, and gold and silver garland.

I did the ribbons by weaving inside up and down like a wave.  Started at the top working down, pulling the ribbon outwards at the bottom of the tree. To get a lot of reflection I placed some large gold ball ornaments on the inside of the tree to reflect the lights.

My Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Theme I took a lot of close up photos to show you the Christmas tree theme of silver and

Gold Ribbon Christmas tree decoratinggold ribbons and ornaments.

Christmas tree with garlandGlass garland and

Gold Garland for Christmas treegold garland.

Danbury Mint Gold Christmas Ornament CollectionThe silver and gold ornaments are new and were pretty inexpensive.  I didn’t use any of my regular ornaments, except I dug out our Danbury Mint Gold Christmas Ornament Collection.

Danbury Mint Christmas Ornament

Christmas tree topper

I watched some how-to make a tree topper videos to make the bow.  This gold ribbon tree topper was not as hard to make as I thought it would be and was perfect for my Christmas tree theme of silver and gold ribbons and ornaments.

Gold Christmas sleigh I am not done with the room yet, but managed to get my Christmas sleigh on a table

Christmas sleigh ornamentsand found some gold ornaments to add to the edges of the sleigh.

Christmas horn ornamentWe are still working on the windows and hung this gold horn up with some fishing line.

White Christmas tree skirtFirst I put down a white Christmas tree skirt that Anya claimed.

My Christmas snow skirtThen I covered it with this Christmas snow skirt that I made by laying down a snow blanket and covering it with buffalo snow.

Themed Christmas tree

~ Merry Christmas ~

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