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  1. Hi and so happy to hear from you and your dolls. Glad you liked the silver and gold Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to you Debra.

  2. Sue, haven’t been visiting blogland much lately but wanted to catch up with your posts. So glad you shared your personal Christmas decor. Your tree is exquisite!


  3. Thanks Anj! Mixed metals! I did not think of it as mixed metals so thank you for the new terminology. I love the new Twinkle photo feature that Google came out with just in time for Christmas.

  4. wow its stunning and i love love love mixed metals its so sparkly that first picture I feel like im watching your tree glow

  5. Thank you my friend. We are enjoying our tree this year and now I wonder what I will do next year.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Very, very nice Sue! You have talent woman! Very cute that Anya is enjoying the “snow” 🙂

  7. Thanks Carol, and I love Jimmy Fallon and want to get the guts up to do a fun YouTube video like this next year for Christmas.

  8. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! I got a kick out of Twas the Night Before Christmas. I will have to show it to my family tonight.

    My sister does a pretty tree like yours. I will have to ask her if she knows about glass garland because it makes for a really pretty tree.

  9. Hi Echo, Anya is having fun burying herself in the snow cloud Christmas skirt. Thank you for such a nice comment.

  10. Wow! I love your tree! It is sparkles and glittery. You did a fantastic job on this Sue. I think Anya thinks so also. Hugs Echo 🙂

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