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  1. Hi Ang, glad you enjoyed the moving Christmas Miracle video. I shared it to spread Christmas joy.

  2. It is so touching to see this. They did give a ticket to a passenger for a trip that was on the video. Who knows what other gifts they gave that wasn’t shown.

  3. omg what a touching video thanks so much for sharing it Sue Merry merry Christmas

  4. You put it so eloquently that its about the “true spirit of Christmas is Giving.” Merry Christmas to you too.

  5. Sue, I love this idea! How heart felt is this. The true spirit of Christmas is the “Giving”. But if I could have one thing(materialistic) maybe a new flat screen larger then my small one I have or some craft supplies for new ideas to make. Merry Christmas to you Sue and to your loved ones. Hugs Echo 🙂

  6. I love the narration and music and the faces of the passengers when they suddenly get their wish come true.

  7. Tears and laughter as I watched the video. Thanks for sharing.

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