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Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and How-To Guide Part 2

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Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Part 2 – the mantle. This is my introduction to Sandra’s Christmas theme that continues with the fireplace mantel. There’s not as much in the way of how-to about the mantle compared to the Christmas tree decorating, but she shares some easy to do tricks she has used in the past. The mantle is a lovely balance with the Christmas tree and the family room. Sandra shared some beautiful, detailed photos of the mantle. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show!

Glowing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and How-To Guide Part 2 This is the mantle design I did before the tree went up. Once the tree was complete I realized it did not match my theme to make everything glow. I decided to remove the red berries and pine cones and added white glass bulbs.

How to guide to Christmas mantle
The only thing new I bought for the display is the live Christmas greens that I picked up at the Christmas tree lot. All the other items I already had. The small sprigy trees are from Walmart purchased years ago.
To create different heights on the mantle I used old stacked books that were my Moms and candle holders. If you don’t have old books, a trick I use is wrapping hard covered books with brown paper or a brown paper grocery sack. This creates a uniform look and will not distract from the design. Another fun book wrapping idea is Christmas paper for a brighter more festive mantle display.
Christmas mantle with gold and silver balls
I took my inspiration from the tree using silver, gold, and white balls that reflect the Christmas lights and make the mantle glow.
Christmas mantle decorating ideas
Beautiful glowing Christmas mantleI tucked Christmas ornaments into the evergreens to make the mantle look like a mini tree display.
Glowing Christmas mantle decor ideas
Stack some books on top of each other and then nestle them with evergreens and ornaments and a candle on top for height.
Christmas mantle with silver and gold ornaments
Close up photo of Christmas mantle
Add some whimsy like these sprigy trees.
A Christmas mantle
How to decorate a Christmas mantle
Mirrors are perfect for making your display shine especially at night when the Christmas lights are on.
How to guide to decorate a Christmas mantle

Christmas tree decorating and setting up the mantle was a lot of fun this year. I hope I gave you some ideas and inspiration.

How to make Christmas glow
Thank you Sandra for sharing your Christmas decorating.  The Christmas mantle is wonderful and looks like a Charles Dickens Christmas. I can’t wait to see what you do next year.

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