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  1. Hi Grace, the photos from the Cheaper By The Dozen movie post are screenshots and not behind the scenes in this case.

  2. Hi Sue:) I love these articles! I was wondering where you got some of the movie pictures in your other article about Cheaper by The Dozen? A few seemed like behind the scene pictures. It would be awesome if you could tell me:)

  3. Thanks Susie, you’re right, this IS one of the most amazing houses that has starred in a movie.

  4. Wow… amazing house….amazing price. LOL… Susie from The Chelsea Project

  5. Thanks Carolann, It’s a fun family movie and Bonnie Hunt is adorable in it along with the kids and this fantastic house!

  6. WOW, this house is amazing. I don’t remember if I saw this movie or not so I’ll have to check. Each room is more amazing than the next. What a beauty Sue. Thanks for sharing.

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