Smash the New TV Hit Series

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     SMASH the new TV hit on NBC is smash-dab delicious!  

I cannot get enough of the show at just two episodes so far.  Episode two let us know that Ivy Lynn, played by Megan Hilty, is Marilyn.  I was kind of rooting for Karen, played by Katherine McPhee.  If Karen did not get the Marilyn spot, why is she on the show?  Will something happen to Ivy and Karen will have to step in and fill her shoes?  I love the rest of the cast too, especially Julia, played by Debra Messing.  I don’t know much about Broadway so Smash is gonna open my eyes.  Screech, let’s switch gears.  I want to talk about the house where Julia and Frank live.  It is sensationally decorated.

On the set of Smash

On the set of Smash TV show

Warm colors with the brown pillow and pinstriped couch.  Of course Debra Messing has a coordinating scarf on for the shot.

Set decorating of the TV show Smash

Soft colors and large print which coordinates with the lamp below.

Lamp and Headboard decorating on the set of TV show - Smash

Can I just say wow about the lampshade and how it accents the headboard.  The base of the lamp blends in with the walls so the shade stands out nicely.  Lovely, just like the stars competing for the spot of Marilyn on Smash.   That is Frank sitting there, he is Julia’s husband if you have not seen Smash yet.

Large pillows accent the headboard

The large pillows command attention, just like Broadway and just like Smash.

Lampshade at Lampsplus

This lampshade is at lampsplus for $34.99 and is described as Multicolored Abstract Flowers.  The lampshade above on the show looks like pussy-willows to me.

Pussy willow lamp base

Here’s a lamp base that has pussy-willows on it.

Julia and Frank's bedroom in deep rich colors

Some more views of  Julia and Frank’s bedroom with that deep, rich color that compliment’s Debra Messing so well.

Ivy worked hard for the Marilyn role

Ivy worked hard for the Marilyn role and as revealed last night

Karen sings for the Marilyn role on Smash TV show

Karen sang her heart out for the Marilyn role, but did not get it, and again, I wonder what Karen will be doing on the show now?  Who did you want to get the role of Marilyn?

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