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Julia Childs House In France

Want to stay in Julia Childs house in France on vacation? Well, you can! Imagine yourself inside Julia Childs house preparing a meal with Julia Child exotic kitchen tools and her pots and pans.

You Can Vacation in Julia Childs House in France

Julia Childs house in France front entry.

The house was on the market for the first time when The Johnson Family bought it.

Back in the 1990s Kathie Alex turned the house into a cooking school and now, the home also has cooking classes that run from April through June and then September through October.

In the off-season, Julia Childs house in France, La Pitchoune, is for rent through AirBnb.

Julia Childs House For Rent in France Isn’t it interesting how colorful Julia Childs house decor is? It is like her somewhat eccentric personality.

Julia Childs House For Rent in France - KitchenIf you rent this marvelous famous home and plan to cook in the kitchen, please realize there is a camera that rolls while you are in the kitchen to keep watch on the priceless kitchen gadgets and tools.

Julia Childs House For Rent in France - Kitchen

Julia Childs House for Rent kitchen pegboard wall

Julia Child house –

the Kitchen pegboard Paul, Julia’s husband made that organized their kitchen so famously. Be sure to notice the shape of the kitchen tools drawn on the pegboard so the tools could easily be put back in the right place.

Julia Childs House in France, The House that Julia Built kitchen

The NY Times shared that this simple little informal house became Paul and Julia’s link back to France. She and Paul made a handshake deal to lease a potato patch from the Farmhouse property of Simca Beck and her husband Jean Fischbacher. The Child’s would build a simple home on the land and when they no longer had any use for the house, they would return it to Simca and Jean.

They called their vacation cottage, La Pitchounce that means the little one in French.

Julia Childs House in France for Rent- Bedroom two

Julia Childs House in France for Rent- Bedroom

Julia Childs House in France for Rent - pool

Julia Childs House in France for rent

The pool and guest house are add-ons. The concierge lives in the guest house and will take care of renters needs and be as visible or not as guests desire.

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