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  1. I know most of the houses may be just shells, but they are real houses in my mind. The last video above,2nd part, is taken from a tram bus tour too. Love your Bree Van De Kamp restroom in the house reveal! Thanks Maude!

  2. I was on the Universal Studios tour several years ago and I got to see Wisteria Lane. It was from a bus, but it was still alot of fun. The interior shots were done on a sound stage, not inside the actual houses. I believe most of them are just shells. I do remember hearing that the house that belongs to Bree Van De Kamp has restrooms in it for the crew.. Very interesting stuff:)

  3. The last video second part is being filmed from a tram touring Wisteria Lane. As for filming inside, I believe it is both.

  4. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I’ve read you can take tours of the stud backlots to see these TV houses. What’s not clear to me is – are they just facade’s or do the crews actually film inside? Or is all filming done on a soundstage in a big warehouse?

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