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  1. Oh gosh, I just adore those doorknobs on the apartment complex too, thank you for affirming my obsession. A reader found the address to the apt so I had a ball sort of seeing it in person. You’ll love the show and characters. If Netflix does not stream it I think I saw that Amazon does.

  2. What a blast from the past. Those doorknobs in the center of the door are priceless – we need to bring those back! I’ve not seen the show – I’m going to investigate my Netflix feed. Baseball season is almost upon us & I need something to keep me amused while Brock watches his Dodgers.

  3. You’re absolutely right Bill, thanks for saving the day with the corrected address. It is just so fun to actually see where the apartment is located, street view and all!

  4. Bill Webb says:

    Hi Sue;
    Thanks for your nice reply after I wrote where Levi’s apartment is from the “Enlightened” show.I had said that the address is 1000 San Pasqual, Pasadena. After looking at it on Google Earth, it it evident that the apartment shown is indeed the one used as his home in the show. However, the address shown at the top of the Google Earth page says 502 S Catalina Ave. San Pasqual is the next cross street, which is why it brought me to approximently the correct location.Did’nt want to pass on incorrect infomation.
    Bill W.

  5. My Goodness Mrs.B, you have been through the wringer at work! It is so interesting to me how you say Abaddonn is typical of OC/LA corp world, and I love your description of the still air when Amy is in her thoughts, etc., and the warm spring days and smell of roses and orange blossoms blooming!

  6. It’s so wonderful to hear from an Enlightened fan and Thank You So Much for the address of Levi’s apartment. You made my day today Bill.

  7. Bill Webb says:

    I’ve been a big fan of “Enlightened” from the get go. You answered my questions about the roof. The address of Levi’s place is 1000 San Pasqual, Pasadena. Glad to have come across your website.

  8. Try to catch the show for a different TV experience. I had to look up “Levitt development” and learned a lot, so thanks for sharing Ginger.

  9. Your most welcome Carol for the trip down memory lane. There is such a love for older homes, mid-century homes, and collectors love mid-century furniture. I would love to see your sisters’ house as well.

  10. When I saw your blog in my e-mail, I was struck by the term “mid-century”. I realized that description would fit my childhood home that my parents built in 1950 and our first two homes. We live in California and never had the rock roof you show, but her house could be in our first neighborhood. I don’t think of those houses as old because our present home was built in 1928. But, my parents’ home (my sister still owns it) is over 50 years old.

    thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

  11. So glad your a fan of the show too, as I am lovin it. I would love to see a pix of your 50s style house or even do your whole house. You made me look up The Royal Tenenbaums because I don’t remember seeing it other than maybe I saw a few scenes in passing. It looks like a great movie for me to investigate.

  12. I love this show! Laura Dern is so amazing as Amy. And it’s great to see Luke Wilson in a good role – he was stellar in “The Royal Tenenbaums” (now there’s a set for you to deconstruct!). It’s funny that you highlight the mid-century home she lives in – my house looks similar to it from the outside. Years ago, before I knew what was what, I did work to the interior to make it more traditional, and I regret it to this day – added crown moulding, changed the windows – but from the exterior, it still retains it’s original look – albeit with a much more sound and functional tile roof! Great post.

  13. Oh yea, set decorator would be an IDEAL job on a show like Enlightened.

  14. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I’ll have to look it up on Amazon – that sounds like a really neat concept! Wouldn’t it be fun to be a set decorator on that show?

  15. Darn, I wish you could see the show Sarah. The show is set for the current time period, but Amy is living back home with her mom and it that house that I show here complete with Amy’s mothers decorating still intact from the past. Wonder if you could get the HBO show online. I saw Season One is available to buy via Amazon I believe.

  16. House Crazy Sarah says:

    wow Sue – I had never even heard of that show before (don’t have HBO here) so I truly am “enlightened”! The set decoration is amazing! I love that vintage mid-century stuff. Is the show set in the 1950’s or do the characters just live in dated homes?
    I love that mid-century rancher – it reminds me of a 1950’s rancher in my old neighborhood that just came up for sale – it even has one of those gravel/rock roofs!

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