Chicago locations Scout Put Your Home On The Big Screen

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Chicago locations scout Kate Levinson Locations, Inc. is the go-to location scout in the Chicagoland area to get your home or business featured on the big screen. Kate provides a comprehensive range of location services. Web and television commercials, commercial advertising, catalog photoshoots, events, and more.

Did you know you can register your home as an available location for filming? Submit your home with Kate and it may be seen in a magazine, television commercial, TV show, or movie. That is just what one Chicago suburb homeowner did.

Thanks to Chicago locations scout, Kate Levinson, crews showed up to The Dieter’s Naperville, Illinois home with 48-hours notice.  

The crew created a Christmas scene for Kmart’s winter holiday ad in their front yard. You give up some privacy and your neighborhood will be a bit disrupted, but the compensation is well worth the experience. The Dieter’s family happily received a $12,000 check the same day filming began!

Chicago locations Scout Can Put Your Home On The Big Screen

I can see why Kate and Kmart chose this suburban home to be featured.

Kate Levinson Locations, Inc.

As a homeowner, Levinson Locations shares on her website that you can earn “thousands of dollars using your home for advertising or catalog shoots.”  I can only imagine how many more thousands it adds up to if your house is a major star in a successful film like my post about the Home Alone House

levinson locations chicago locatons scout

It is common for directors of Hollywood movies, TV shows, commercials and print ads to use city as well as suburban homes for their photo shoots.

Kate Levinson Locations, Inc

A movie set to premier in 2014 called Precious Mettle was shot in the nearby suburb of this home, in Aurora, Illinois. Illinois is enjoying a growth in films produced here due to – “the Chicago area’s diverse scenery and home styles.” – Daily Herald.

Film crews set up for filmingRegister with Chicago locations scout Kate Levinson Locations to have a chance for your home to be featured if you live in the area. In Illinois, you can also visit the Film Locations and submit your home here.  Outside of Illinois, check your local listings for location productions companies or your own state film locations site. For instance, the South Carolina Film Commission has a library to add your home as available for filming at their – List your SC property with us page.

Sources are Chicago locations scout Kate Levinson and the Daily Herald.

MoPro Chicago vehicle

Kate Levinson Locations, Inc also has a Production Vehicle called MoPro Chicago I featured. Check out their vehicle at On Location Production Motorhome Rental – MoPro Chicago.

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